1000 Word Essay

1000 Word Essay

… legalization, compared to 43% who opposed it. By 2001, 54% favored legalization while 42% opposed it.

Technical Note
All of the polls described here were national surveys with large samples (usually at least 1000 respondents) drawn from the 48 contiguous states. The Gallup poll was conducted by telephone, whereas the GSS involved face-to-face interviews. The wording of the poll questions is available.
Are Some Heterosexuals …

… individuals who are discussed during the natural course of teaching – something that is done every time a heterosexual authors spouse or children are mentioned anyway. Or, when giving topics for discussion or essays, lists can include gay rights or other issues facing gay, lesbian and bisexual people (31). Additionally, classes such as moral education or social studies that usually have sensitivity units dedicated to multiculturalism or …

… Gay” chiefly describes men with a primary emotional and sexual attraction to other men, but is also used by some homosexual women to describe themselves. Some historians have traced this use of the word as far back as the Middle Ages.

Homophobia this is a fear or loathing of homosexuality, homosexual people, lesbian, gay and bisexual identity, and refers to the values and behaviours which express this …

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