1900s Springing: Tennessee’s partner – Essay Example

1900s Springing: Tennessee’s partner – Essay Example

… “Tennessee’s Partner” by Bret Harte

The short story “Tennessee’s Partner” by Bret Harte is a descriptive narrative of the events that had occurred in the trial of a man named Tennessee, and how his best friend morally redeemed him, referred to in the story as Tennessee’s Partner. The story is evidently an illustration of how life was in America during the 1900s, when the gold rush had flourished and mining became the primary industry of the people, especially in the state of California. “Tennessee’s Partner” illustrates how friendship in the early 1900s is narrated through a colorful description of the events that have happened while the trial and Tennessee’s burial took place. Tennessee’s trial is an example of how life is economically prosperous, and yet, despite the economic prosperity of the society, civil conditions worsened, as people approved of punishing, and even killing, Tennessee, had Tennessee’s partner not intervened during the trial. Tennessee’s burial is also well described, wherein the author made numerous observations, most especially during the funeral march of Tennessee. The community’s light treatment of Tennessee’s funeral illustrates the fact that his death has only become remarkable …

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