1920 S Women Smokers Pictures Essay

1920 S Women Smokers Pictures Essay

… mass popularity and appeal. They emphasized technique, construction and experiment.
Key among the founding fathers of Soviet Montage was Lev Kuleshov. Kuleshov formed workshops at the Narkompros, the state controlled film school in 1920, just one year after Narkompros formed the film school. It became very apparent quickly how important Kuleshov’s workshops and seminars were.

Kuleshov’s work and experiments demonstrated how important editing really was …

… theater and the seats magically fold down. The movie appears on the screen. The next scene is that of a woman’s bedroom. The camera focuses on her window, moving to her belongings pictures that hang on the wall, and items on her dresser. The woman is asleep in her bed. Then, the camera moves outside, viewing the world in a frozen state.
The streets are empty, …

… of life.
Another aspect of Vertov’s work involves the contrasting of the lives of upperclass members of society and the lower class members. One scene involves the people in the barber shop. Women are getting their hair done and men sharpen their shaving razors. This is inter-cut with images of women getting their hair dirty as they shovel coal and men sharpen their axes for …

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