1991 Gulf War Political Objectives Essay Example

1991 Gulf War Political Objectives Essay Example

… whole.
Yet another unpredictable variable is the fact that the present situation is highly out of the ordinary. No one has done analysis on how consumer sentiment tends to react after major social – political tragic shocks. Anecdotal evidence, however, suggests that a blast of bad news – the death of Princess Diana in the UK, for example, or the assassination of US president John F Kennedy – has a …

… boost confidence, it is the economic fundamentals that will determine whether a rebound is sustainable,” says Lynn Franco, Director of The Conference Boards Consumer Research Center. “The end of the Gulf War in 1991 produced a surge in confidence, but labor market conditions quickly diminished the spark. So if history repeats itself, the current job scenario will do little to maintain any post-war surge in …

… the consumer confidence levels has become a focus of renewed attention. In an effort to guide the consumer confidence levels in Europe, a new consumer policy strategy will focus efforts on three key objectives.
$ Objective one: “A high common level of consumer protection”, which means harmonizing, the safety of goods and services and the consumer economic and legal interests.
$ Objective two: “Effective enforcement of consumer protection rules” , …

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