19th Cent Cuban Oil Canvas Painter Essay Sample

19th Cent Cuban Oil Canvas Painter Essay Sample

… car, unidentifiable object to right of car on street.
C. Information. The title of the painting is Guilty, without Trial: Protected by the Bill of Rights. It was painted in 1987; Oil on Canvas, 72 1/2×48, Artist is Roger Davis.
D. The Colors: The background and negative space include a blue green color that recedes, and becomes lighter the higher up the painting it goes. The …

… and underneath the thin line are two thicker curved lines, white and black. The foreground has a thin long line.
The form of the painting is in traditional two dimensional form as an oil painting. The top of the picture appears shallow as negative space increases as you go down the painting.
2. Analysis
A. The contrast: The organic figures contrast with the straight geometric shapes of …

… is that the red seems like the Bill of Rights and the closer people move up to the Bill of Rights, the more enlightened they become, but maybe not necessarily so as the painter may be being sarcastic at the idea that the closer we think we move to our ideals, the more we’re really getting away from the ideal.

Last Name 4
4. Judgment.
The …

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