2004 Against Gun Control Essay

2004 Against Gun Control Essay

… This essay covers the characterizations and dialogue techniques used in the classic Hedda Gabler.
. Hedda Gabler has two relationships in the present that are based in the past: (1) the love relationship between Hedda and Lovberg; and, (2) the relationship between Hedda and Mrs. Elvsted. Both of these relationship shave a dramatic impact upon the final outcome of the play.
Mrs. Elvsted …

… not come into play together Hedda might never have set in motion the cycle of events that followed. However, Hedda was far to driven. She would steal Lovbergs books, give him a gun with which to commitment suicide, and then find herself trapped in the web of her lies forced to take her own life to escape the shame she has created for herself.
There are …

… ultimately explain all of Heddas actions throughout the remainder of the play.
Her cowardice will make it impossible for her to accept that her schoolmate, Mrs. Elvsted, has been able to gain control over Lovbergs personality and won him as a companion and her fear of scandal and hate of scandal will ultimately motivate Heddas suicide when Judge Brack demands that Hedda be his …

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