2004 Sexual Harassment Cases Essay Sample

2004 Sexual Harassment Cases Essay Sample

… , the U.S. requires that corporations assume responsibility for the actions of their employees through the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC). In Code 29 of the Code of Federal Regulation, an employer is deemed responsible for the acts of employees regarding sexual harassment of employees in the workplace, in cases in which the employer, its agents, or supervisory employees are aware of the conduct and fail to take appropriate corrective action (ODonohue, 1998).

As a result, employers are forced to face the issue of sexual harassment head-on. In any successful business, employers must take the proper steps to …

… is inappropriate, he or she may accuse someone of sexual harassment.
Opponents of current sexual discrimination argue that strict laws provide an open door for false claims of sexual harassment, which can damage the reputations and lives of innocent people, who are wrongly accused of sexual harassment.
Due to the fact that sexual harassment usually occurs in a private setting, it is relatively easy to make false claims of sexual harassment (OÂ’Donahue, 1998). Employees may do so if they feel slighted or rejected by a co-worker or boss.
As a result, the business world is filled with fear …

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