20th Century Female Poets Essay Example

20th Century Female Poets Essay Example

… chapter will conclude with an outline of the remaining chapters.
Relevant Background Information
Increasingly, female offenders and issues associated with their incarceration have been identified as a problem of concern. Evidence suggests that female offenders represent a growing population within the US penal system. Between 1986 and 1991, the number of female inmates in state prisons increased 75 percent (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1994). Between 1981 and …

… indicated that this occurred in the North as a consequence of mens absence during wartime, the rise of industrialization, as well as the impact of the dominant sexual ideology of the nineteenth century Victorianism. According to Freedman, Victorianism created a double standard in that it supported the criminalization of certain behaviors for women but not for men. By mid-century, as reported by Rafter, the spiraling …

… Medical attention was rarely available. Women were either left totally idle or forced into hard labor. Women with mental problems were locked in solitary confinement and ignored.
According to Freedman (1981), as the 20th century unfolded, industrialization was in full swing, bringing fundamental changes in social relations as well the emergence of the Progressive reform movement. It was in this context that reformatories for women proliferated. The …

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