6 Principles Of Political Realism Essay

6 Principles Of Political Realism Essay

… (Machiavelli’s) principles or teaching in political, as well as personal, life.
Machiavelli has become known for his (political) realism. He accepts and forms ideas based on objective reasoning, which are in turn, drawn from the Scriptures. Being so, he considers them “divinely revealed.” When asked, he gives solid reasons for his conclusions that make these reasons appear sound and right (Nymeyer 1995).
He thus recommends that, for a government to be valid, it must operate according to the principles set forth by the Ten Commandments of God themselves. Although he justifies hypocrisy, he is also quick to justify the …

… , lose their loyalty and his ruler.
It must, then, be noted that being Machiavellian really means taking advantage of others’

loyalty, property and honor, even their lives – but at the opportune time and with the use of the best method. In other words, by shrewd calculation does Machiavelli see political leaders as perpetuating their rule.
And quite as cleverly, he outlines his principles to coincide with the Ten Commandments in an attempt at looking virtuous to his governed, such as avoiding violence, adultery, stealing, lying, coveting wives and other people’s property.



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