7 O Clock Essay Example

7 O Clock Essay Example

… a stamp might be delayed by a very long line. This in turn would cause the businessman to perhaps spend more time than desired in the post office, and cause him to rush back to the office to make a meeting in time. The delay at the post office has increased his pace of life momentarily. However the individual in question may not define the pace of life according to such mechanisms.

Robert Levine’s analysis is extraordinarily interpretive. His data is valid in that it is representative of the reliance of many people within certain cultures on the clock to govern their life’s happenings. At best however, his measurements should be considered circumstantial, and not indicative of the pace of life as a whole. As even Levine pointed out himself, people living in diverse cultures such as Malaysia would consider haste a crime, and the measurement of the pace of life by such mechanisms completely invalid. The pace of life can however, rightly be associated with the importance one places on the clock, and the relevance of such a mechanism to their everyday happenings.


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Maxfield, Michael …

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