8 Agents Of Socialization Essay Sample

8 Agents Of Socialization Essay Sample

… behaviors” (Agents of socialization) apart from many others thereby motivating the human soul to constantly grow and learn from the enriching experiences. These sprout from interaction with and influence of family, academic world, peer group and the all-so-popular mass media- the four most dominating agents of socialization(Agents of socialization).
I was fifth, born in a welfare family with the state of California soon placing orders for my adoption. Jim and Shirley, my caring and highly concerned parents adopted me in October of 1963. My parents provided me with the best and most expedient learning at home providing …

… be loved in return, a lesson that I learn by keenly observing my surroundings while at the church on Sundays). Another possible reason for marrying her. Nevertheless, as we grew and passed from the childhood to being an adolescent and finally making it to the adulthood (Stage theories of socialization), we transformed into two different individuals with sky-high differences that gradually resulted in our agonizing divorce. Was my divorce a mistake? Well, not really, for “there are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from” (Kubler-Ross). And I did learn the moral …

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