911 Terrorism On America Essay Sample

911 Terrorism On America Essay Sample

… decided precinct commanders no longer had to assign cops to walk neighborhood beats(Queen, 2002). These decisions, along with the fact it now takes police more than 10 minutes to respond to a 911 call for a crime in progress in Queens, have touched off a series of protests by civic groups and politicians(Queen, 2002). So maybe Safir could learn something from the conference in sunny …

… Force Col. Michael Licata.

Licata, now an ROTC instructor at Dickinson High School in Jersey City, decided after Sept. 11 to develop a program that would enlist ordinary people in the fight against terrorism. The effort relies heavily on Licatas own savings account as well as the volunteer services of police officers such as Fay. And its catching on.

More than 100 New Jersey police …

… their neighborhoods. They emphasized that terrorists can be of any race or nationality, showing pictures of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and suspected abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolph.

“We want you to judge America with pride, not prejudice, Fay said.

The officers urged the attendees to become familiar with typical patterns of behavior in their neighborhoods, such as when postal workers deliver the mail.

“When you spot …

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