Abe Lincoln S Leadership Philosophy Essay Example

Abe Lincoln S Leadership Philosophy Essay Example

A discussion of whether or not The Nation of Islam is a radical sect or a legitimate religious organization.

… I.A. has received the most notoriety because of Marcus Garvey and his appeal.
The Universal Negro Improvement Association had a tremendous influence on the Nation of Islam. Both organizations shared the philosophy that stressed Black independence through self-sufficiency. The phrase originated by Marcus Garvey Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will was a rallying cry often used by Elijah Muhammad.(p. 61, Lincoln) The U.N.I.A. faded from existence when Marcus Garvey was exiled in 1927.
The man attributed with the founding of the Nation of Islam was Wallace D. Fard. During his …

… the pale horse represented the devil and thus he came to the belief that all Whites were devils. If this were true, Fard must have been part devil himself. This belief that Whites were devils would be a rallying cry by many of NATION OF ISLAM leaders. Under the leadership of Wallace D. Muhammad the Nation would distance itself from this belief.
Between 1930 and 1933 Wallace D. Fard recruited 8,000 followers in the Detroit area. It is not surprising that so many African Americans were attracted to Fards teachings due to the harsh economic and social conditions …

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