Is Abnormal Psychology Useful Essay Sample

Is Abnormal Psychology Useful Essay Sample

This study looked at the behavior and personality traits of children in inner-city settings involved in bullying. 354 children were included in the study. The author used a variety of tools to evaluate the children’s bullying or victim-of-bully behavior, looking as issues such as social acceptance or rejection, ability to control and moderate behavior, academic abilities and whether the children were well-adjusted both socially or behaviorally. He classified the children into four groups: “aggressive victims,” “ …

… differences in the type of bullying/victimization between boys and girls.
The author included a relevant summary of research previously done on this topic. He found significant differences between the two types of victims and suggested the need for further study.
This article is relevant to the field of psychology because it explores a maladaptive behavior seen in a significant number of school-aged children. In my opinion, it was a good thing to study so that psychologists and other experts can help bullies and their victims more effectively.

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