Abolishment Religion Essay Sample

Abolishment Religion Essay Sample

… allows a wide variety of accepted patterns of social
interactions in the classroom. (p. 381)
Multicultural Education differs from Afrocentrism. Multiculturalism addresses the needs of African American students and offers solutions to the disparity that they have experienced in the traditional public school system. Unlike multiculturalism Afrocentrism rejects “the religion of science” and the systematic study of history because neither embraces the traditional African humanistic and spiritual viewpoint. Afrocentrism emphasizes that black people be viewed as agents of history, not as marginal figures, and Afrocentrism seeks to build pan-African social movements, and calls for a return to traditional gods …


The fact that the African American heritage has not been acknowledged and has indeed often actively been declared valueless, has alienated African American students. On the other hand, due to the Eurocentric approach, Caucasian students have experienced cultural validation. As black empowerment became a national issue with the abolishment of slavery, Afrocentrism has gradually become a major issue in education. Many attempts at reform to accommodate African American students have therefore been made to remedy previous injustice. The needs of African American children have dictated that new ways should be found to improve their education experience. This can only …

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