Aboriginal Maori Health Essay Example

Aboriginal Maori Health Essay Example

… surveyed participants.
Physicians will be asked to determine whether or not they believe that small improvements, such as increased availability of vaccinations, improved technology and additional staff, would have an impact of the entire health care system.
They will also be asked to determine which areas of health care they view as being top priority in order to improve health care quality and delivery for all Americans and how these areas can be improved.
The ultimate goal of this survey is to identify which key characteristics and factors physicians and nurses believe will enable or encourage health care providers, health care organizations, health plans, and communities to continuously improve the quality of health care; and development of a research agenda in areas of continuous uncertainty.
The methods used for this study include a review of available literature, physician interviews, an email survey, and input from physicians and nurses on specific issues. A review of the literature relied on published articles focusing on areas of health care quality, medical background, patient satisfaction, and existing research. Web sites and reference books were also consulted.

The results of this survey will contribute to existing research on health plan quality management by exploring how …

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