Abortion 60s Russia Essay

Abortion 60s Russia Essay

… what exactly contrasts this movement from earlier ones. Even the Red Brigades and Weathermen were violent, however, during the last generation, the Islamic terrorists have surpassed the most violent terrorist groups of the past (Panitch 12). Although, there are other groups such as the anti-abortionists who blow up abortion clinics and militia groups who attack government buildings, the Islamic fundamentalists and those countries that support them that seem to be the greatest threat in the world (Panitch 12). Not only for the United States, but for every industrialist country on the globe, as is evident by the ‘subway chemical …

… agenda to achieve, they are simply attacking capitalist nations based on religious doctrine. Aside from the suicide mentality that many possess, they have access to chemical warfare that was unheard of a generation of (Panitch pg). Only the major forces in the world such as the United States and Russia had access to such warfare, now there is hardly as terrorists group in the world who are not able to buy nuclear devices as well as chemical warfare (Panitch pg).
The most recent report, December 9, 2002, states that the “official line from Brussels is the war against terrorism remains …

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