Abortion Debate Summary Essay Sample

Abortion Debate Summary Essay Sample

… of society and along with that clinics sprang up everywhere, with information being provided everywhere about places of abortion providers.
The debate over the pros and cons of abortion is very severe. The debate is over whether the government should pay for the abortion costs of the poor, the number of months pregnant that a woman should be before conducting the act of abortion and the consent …

… time they are of the view that governments should not provide funds for abortion and citizens should ensure that the taxes paid by them should not be used to fund such acts of abortion. On the other hand pro-choice supporters are of the opinion that if abortion is made illegal; the act of abortion would not end. Women would still engage in illegal acts of abortion, …

… 1979 “Pain of First Trimester Abortion: A Study of Psychosocial and Medical Predictors,” Pain, 36:339
Rogers J.L, Stoms G.B, Phifer J.L. 1989 “Psychological impact of abortion: methodological and outcomes summary of empirical research between 1966 and 1988” Health Care for Women International, 10(4): 347-76.
R.T. Burkman, et. al. 1984 “Morbidity Risk Among Young Adolescents Undergoing Elective Abortion,” Contraception, 30(2): …

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