Abortion Today Essay Example

Abortion Today Essay Example

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of abortion in America today, using the article by an unknown author entitled, “Special Report: The War that Never Ends – Abortion in America,” which appeared in The Economist, 01-18-2003, pp 25. Specifically, it will argue against the practice of abortion. The authors purpose in writing the piece was to compare American abortion practices with those of Europe, while showing how abortion has never been accepted in America. “Since 1973, about 75 countries have liberalised their abortion laws (the most recent being Switzerland …

… . We are not all like that, and if more “everyday” citizens spoke out about their beliefs against abortion, I believe the movement would gain more momentum and credibility.
The author points to several differences in most European abortion laws as opposed to American abortion laws, which seem to make abortion more acceptable in European countries. “Frances Kissling, head of Catholics for a Free Choice, also points out that the Europeans have been careful to preserve a patina of disapproval. Even in England, the country with the most liberal abortion laws in Europe, women have to get permission from two doctors …

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