Abstract For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Essay Sample

Abstract For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Essay Sample

… thoughts or images, violent or terrifying thoughts that may occur to a loved one. These obsessive thoughts are then followed by the performance of compulsive acts meant to respond to these thoughts. Common compulsive acts or compulsions include repetitious washing of the hands or cleaning, too frequent showers, checking, reordering …

… helpless and no longer able to handle her situation any more. She also said that nobody was supportive of her and that nobody cared. For a short while, she thought that her younger siblings would be close enough to her to provide that kind of emotional support, but she was …

… of things.
Her admitting diagnosis consisted of severe psychosocial stressors, related to social situation;
depression; bipolar disorder; post traumatic stress disorder, OCD; alcohol abuse disorder but in remission; elevated blood pressure and cholesterol.


A. Treatment Plan
The patient was admitted to the Adult Out-Patient …

… yet only trusts what he can see. It is at the next and final stage of formal operational that the child is capable of abstract thinking.
I see the socio-emotional development of personality to occur across the life span. Thisoccurs in eight stages as described by Erikson (Bukato, 1992 …

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