Abstract Osmoregulation Medication Essay Example

Abstract Osmoregulation Medication Essay Example

… behavior. Assessment must be completed on an individual basis and not with a “one size fits all” attitude. Individualized education plans are to be designed, implemented and modified if necessary. The student’s academic and emotional behavior will be monitored throughout their school years. There are many theories that support the concept that one treatment does not fit all students with ADHD. First, no single intervention, including stimulant medication, is sufficient for ameliorating the complex and myriad behaviors comprising this disorder. Second, response to treatment will vary significantly across individuals despite a common diagnosis. Last, because the symptomatic behaviors comprising ADHD are exhibited across settings.

Eckert, T. & DePaul, G. (1997). Interventions for students with attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder: One size does not fit all. School Psychology Review, (26) 3, (369).
Abstract retrieved January 6, 2003, from EBSCOhost Direct database.

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