Abstract And Thesis And Sla Research Essay

Abstract And Thesis And Sla Research Essay


Write a one-page research proposal outlining a paper the role of immigrant workers in the development of U.S. business industry.

Examine relevant information for supporting the idea that immigrants played a pivotal role in creating American industry.

Immigrants played a significant role in creating …

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… anticipate that my findings will identify immigrants as a formidable force in U.S. business.

Critical Context
• Background: I will incorporate material into the thesis that supports the fact that early immigrants were the catalyst behind much of the American business economy and will provide additional information on industry leaders …

… to conclude that immigration was a powerful contributor to the development of the American economy.
• Implications: My proposed recommendation would be to conduct further research into the lives of early immigrants and determine the impact that their arrival had on the growth of cities, culture and American traditions.
• Effects: I …

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