Abstract Of Williams Slaves Essay Sample

Abstract Of Williams Slaves Essay Sample

… the early-17th century Caribbean, the mercantile system came to predominate in the region by the 18th century. Williams’ Capitalism and Slavery suggests that Britain’s west coast outports were critically affected by the Atlantic slave and sugar trade, and that this had a significant effect on the Metropolis. (Williams 60-4) The English conquered Jamaica from the Spanish and re-conquered the islands of Trinidad and Tobago from the natives and established large slave plantations in these holdings by 1700. The populations of these islands were soon a dichotomy of white masters and black slaves. According to a contemporary …

… . Because a planter had to maintain a larger proportion of female blacks and children, productivity decreased per slave. After 1807 the British eliminated the slave trade with Africa, making slavery less profitable. Before this, black males between the ages of 15 and 30 were considered to make the best slaves. (Higman 2) In 1832 as slavery was drawing to a close, Jamaica was home to approximately 300 thousand slaves living on plantations with an average size of 25. 960 of these properties accounted for 53% of the population where there were an average of 175 slaves. We can assume that …

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