Abusive Husband Essay Sample

Abusive Husband Essay Sample

… street corners for loose change. Bessie’s extraordinary voice brought her great fame in the black community. Yet her personal life was plagued with turmoil. She was an alcoholic whose notorious temper always got the best of her. To make matters worse, her second husband Jack Gee was physically abusive and unfaithful to her. Many of her songs detailed her roller-coaster relationship with her husband. This is especially evident in the words to ‘Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind”:
“It’s all about a man who always kicks and dogs me aroun;
And when I try to …

… black woman in the early twenties, she was a black, performer that many working class blacks could identify with.
It is evident that Bessie Smith used her own life experiences to form the blues that she sang. The singer speaks of her suffering at the hands of an abusive husband and chronicles her bout with alcoholism and promiscuity. The popularity of her music was due in part to the conviction with which she sang. Conviction that could only come from a woman who was telling the story of her experience—her suffering.
While blues songs relay the past experiences and …

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