Academic Criticism Of Killings By Andre Dubus Essay Example

Academic Criticism Of Killings By Andre Dubus Essay Example

… the war which is why he fails to connect with his past life and in short has lost interest in the world. While some would associate these symptoms with Post-traumatic stress disorder, we must not forget that dismissing consequences or effects of war as a mental illness is not a wise thing to do. We need to keep in mind that while war’s economic and political effects can be handled and overcome, its psychological and emotional impact tends to increase with the passage of time thus resulting in the destruction and loss of an entire generation.

“Killings” by Andre Dubus also deals with psychological impact of something horrible but in this case, it is not war but murders. By discusses two murders and their impact on the killers, the author poses an important question: ‘Is it really good to have a moral conscience’? The story takes an interesting turn when a nice person, Matt Fowler, with everything good about him decides to avenge the death of his son, Frank and thus ends up killing Richard Strout, Frank’s killer. However this is where we notice a dramatic change occurring in Matt’s personality, as he becomes more and …

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