Accents Essay

Accents Essay

… we shall discuss in this paper are “The woman warrior” and “How Garcia Girls lost their accents” written by Maxine Kingston and Julia Alvarez respectively. In the first novel, which is part fiction and part autobiography, author has described her experience as an immigrant in the United States with reference to her native culture and its restrictions. In the second novel, we come across immigration problems of a Latin American family. While ethnicity, racism and cultural differences are the main themes in both books, they have been highlighted with the help of ghosts.

In How Garcia Girls lost their accents, we encounter ghosts in the form of cultural values and traditions and also in the shape of white race. When Garcia family came to the United States after being exiled from their own country, they encountered serious problems as white people would make fund of their accents and everything Latin. Julia Alvarez has thus has skillfully highlighted the feelings of confusion that most immigrant children go through when their peers reject them. These white children were viewed as ghosts that would want to stop Latin Americans from becoming a part of American society. “Here they were trying to fit in …

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