What Are Accounting Theories Essay Example

What Are Accounting Theories Essay Example

… the current economic order.
Adam Smith contended in The Wealth of Nations that individual interests controlled the marketplace and motivated people. Carnegie applied this theory along with Darwin’s survival-of-the-fittest theories to produce his own Gospel of Wealth.
The Gospel of Wealth contended that only the strongest businesses survive even if the individual suffered because it was the best for the country in the …

… his entire argument losses credibility. Carnegie fails to address the truly human elements of business and society. He ignores the obligations that people have to each other and the fact that all people are not equally gifted when it comes to being able to provide of themselves or contribute to society. If Social Darwinism was applied in its purest form to the society then there would be …

… promote violence. However, this issue is never addressed nor is the fact that the sense of community and involvement is what motivates people.
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