Achilles And Sir Gawain Similarities Essay Example

Achilles And Sir Gawain Similarities Essay Example

… . He is wounded and in the care of a young lady and her father. Elaine falls in love with him and is bewitched, she dies of a broken heart and just as Lancelot is giving the gift of the diamond to Guinevere her death barge goes by. Chapter 7 “Sir Lancelot” The Ambush Lancelots well established unrequited love for Guinevere is tested by this trial and she again wins despite the ordeal of the young girl. Could the fabled love have the purpose of establishing a sort of universal protective order. The triangle of the love between these characters cannot …

… and he was asked to declare war on Lancelot which he sadly did. The Siege of Joyous Gard they lay siege to the castle but Lancelot refused to come out and fight Arthur. In the battle Lancelot saves the king from harm but the war raged on and many of the table fought against each other. The War in France Lancelot retired to France and was besieged again by Gawain and his enemies. The beginning of the end as derision is shown to be the demise of Arthur. Enemies from within and without. The downfall of the kingdom begins in …

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