Acid Base Titration Lab Experiemtn Essay Sample

Acid Base Titration Lab Experiemtn Essay Sample

… side chain group, which can differ from a single hydrogen molecule in alanine to a hydrogen, oxygen, and 6-carbon ring in tyrosine (Schwertz, 1999).”
To make a protein, two steps must be instituted. The first step is transcription, where DNA information is transcribed into another form of nucleic acid, which can move from the nucleus of the cell to its cytoplasm. The other step is translation, where the language of proteins, or amino acids, is translated from the language of nucleic acids, or base pairs. Protein synthesis can be controlled during transcription and translation (Schwertz, 1999).
Amino acids are …

… cytoplasm is the protein-synthesizing mechanism of the cell. Genetic information must be transported to the cytoplasm for the it to be established as protein. A type of RNA is responsible for this process. RNA is comparable to DNA, but “contains the sugar ribose instead of deoxyribose and the base uracil instead of thymine (unknown, 2002).” The transcription process, which is instituted by enzymes, is started when a single strand of the double-stranded DNA chain becomes a template for a complementary single strand of RNA synthesis (unknown, 2002).
Adaptor molecules which are composed of a type of RNA known …

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