Adding Binary Numbers Essay Example

Adding Binary Numbers Essay Example

… students watch as you demonstrate the following steps:

a. Cover the balloon with a layer of petroleum jelly using your hands to smooth it on.
b. Dip a newspaper strip into the wheat paste mixture and put the strip on the balloon
c. Smooth out the strip and keep adding strips until the balloon is covered.
d. Add four or five more layers of strips leaving the tied end hanging

4. Supervise and assist students with balloons and the “smoothing-out” process.

5. Let balloons dry overnight.

6. Help students cut a hole the size of a penny at the …

… . 9 + 8 = ___________
9. 1 + 0 = ___________
10. 2 + 8 = ___________
Section B: Questions to answer
Directions: Answer these questions (25 points each)
1. What is one important thing you learned from this lesson? _______________________
2. Why is it important in life to be able to add whole numbers? Give one example. _____

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