Advantages of Writing An Application Cover Letter

Advantages of Writing An Application Cover Letter

An important and necessary consideration in a jobs search is to make an application cover letter. By writing to the company you are applying for a brief letter that states a short explanation as to why you believe you are the best person for the job; you, will be able to give them a peak of your personality. Or at least interest them in glancing at your resume.

A cover letter is like a news article. It covers the who and the why, enough to catch its reader’s attention to read on and eventually get the whole story; or in the case of a job application, the job seeker. Like a news article, it should also be short and concise; your letter shouldn’t have too much fancy words and isn’t too long. The person in charge of finding the right applicant is after all a busy person, and is looking for an employee and not a new friend.

A good pattern in writing an application cover letter is also like writing a news article. Which is basically writing it in from most to least important. This way you are able to inform them the main purpose of your letter as well as make them know that you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to waste time. Many good cover letter examples are also concise and direct to the point, doing this avoids your reader losing interest in your letter.

After a good and solid impression with your opening, you can now tell them what you can provide their company should they hire you– aside from your previous experiences or the lack of it. I believe that this is another advantage of having a job cover letter. For an applicant that lacks the professional experience, a resume alone shows you unqualified for the job. But through your letter, you can let them know that you have other characteristics that gives you added edge. For instances your achievements and problem solving skills.

However there is a slight difference when you write an application cover letter and a news article. In news articles, adjectives are not allowed, instead it’s a straight-up composition of facts. In a resume cover letter on the other hand, you may write the qualifications you believe to possess that is needed in the position you are applying for. In fact, this is your one chance to tell them your best attributes. Because you really can’t write that you are hard-working, a fast-learner, and willing to give it your 101% to get the job done in your curriculum vitae.

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