Age Discrimination Essay Example

Age Discrimination Essay Example

… Work Plan
This is a 1 page work plan on the issue of age discrimination in the workforce.

Statement of Problem
The issues of age stereotyping and discrimination are becoming a reality and gaining attention as the workplace becomes diverse and a younger and more competitive work group enters the workforce. Managers and corporate leaders need to recognize how their companies are biased towards the older generation so as to prevent expensive lawsuits.

Sources and Method for Data Collection:
The study will be conducted using library sources and journal articles and some Internet resources. The topics covered in the literature review will include discrimination and its types and the various work environments that cater to discrimination policies. The Bibliography chosen will be within an 18-year time span so that it is easily monitored and the records found. Further, it was in the past two decades the globalization began to develop and that is the main if not only cause of the changing work environment. The literature analysis will then be used to substantiate the data collected.

A questionnaire will be made and sent to 25 large firms and 25 small firms within one area. The questionnaires will target the …

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