Age Of Retirement Essay

Age Of Retirement Essay

… Problem: Future bankruptcy of the social security system in the United States. Solution: Raise the age of retirement to eighty. Readers would object to this solution because most people retire from work long before they are eighty years of age, leaving them with a long gap between retirement and social security payments. I propose that the premiums for social security should be increase. This would enable to people to retire earlier, and receive income from social security, while preventing the social security system from going bankrupt.
Problem: Traffic gridlock in major cities. Solution: Allow only men to drive on …

… through the use of councillors, and stop violent situations early through the use of security.
Problem: Unmanageable credit card debt among college students. Solution: Limit credit card use to people over age twenty-five. Readers would object to this solution because it is clearly discriminatory against adults under the age of twenty-five. I propose to institute mandatory education on money management and credit in all college campuses. This solution would prevent discrimination against young adults, and increase student knowledge and awareness of problems with credit, resulting in decreased credit card debt among students.

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