Agnew Strain Theory Essay

Agnew Strain Theory Essay

… another philosophy. The concept of social theory as a way of understanding society then sometimes seems like a maze of information regarding the beliefs of several individuals, that one either agrees with or disagrees with depending on his/her own knowledge experience and personality. The three sets of social theory that will be examined with in this short work are: conflict theory vs. functionalism, psychological reductionist vs. non-reductionist and value-free vs. value-committed social structure.
Social Conflict theory is one of the earliest recognized forms of social theory. Social conflict theory regards society as a conglomeration of individuals …

… gain a finite amount of resources. In this attempt to gain either, power, food, money, shelter or any other reward individuals are in innate conflict with one another, as they are all competing for the same things. Conflict theory would consider criminal behavior as a natural outgrowth of the strain of conflict for resources as individuals are pushed to a point of breaking the law in an attempt to gain resources they were unable t o gain by legal means.
Functionalism is on the other hand associated with the idea that all systems are symbiotic and interact with one another …

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