Aids And Its Effects Essay

Aids And Its Effects Essay

AIDS Testing for Health Care Workers

This is a two page paper that gives an argumentative essay on the whether health care workers such as nurse, doctors and dentists should be tested for AIDS. There is one reference used for this paper.
With the number of AIDS cases constantly increasing, it is imperative to find ways to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. Many health care professionals are now required to be tested for this virus. Though some who feel this is an invasion of a person’s privacy, most people feel these tests are necessary since health …

… by the health care provider (Colen 39). Unfortunately, they do not require workers to be tested for AIDS, but instead ask those who think they may be infected to “voluntarily have themselves tested (Colen 39).” The worker be barred from caring for patients only if he or she develops effects from the disease, such as dementia or tremors. These rules, which are meant to protect patients, are actually inadequate since a large number of patients can be infected before any action is taken against the health care worker.
Invasive Procedures
Another argument in favor of required testing centers around the …

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