Aids Orphans Essays

Aids Orphans Essays

· Estimated AIDS Orphans: 420,000
· 11% of South Africans are HIV-infected; by 2010 adult HIV prevalence could reach 25%.
· Daily estimates of 1,600 people with new HIV infection; two-thirds of them aged 15 to 20.
· By 2008, 1.6 million children will have been orphaned by AIDS.
· South Africa has a well-developed health infrastructure relative to other African nations, and there is a substantial amount of international and donor interest in the country.
· In 2005 the population is expected to be 16 percent lower than it would have been in the absence of AIDS. By 2015 …

… , including especially the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis and maternity care (
· South African women, who already perform more than half of the work of the nation (, Nessman 2002; Khan 2003)
· The HIV epidemic will produce large numbers of AIDS orphans (by 2005 there will be nearly a million children under the age of 15 who will have lost their mothers to AIDS) (
· Education will be affected through staff becoming infected and through increasing needs of affected and infected children. The need to educate children, in …

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