Air Medical Crew Resource Management Essay Example

Air Medical Crew Resource Management Essay Example

… since the airport is so close.
After September 11, LaGuardia was shut down for one of the longest times of any airport, and flight patterns were changed to give air traffic controllers and Air Force patrols a better idea of which commuter planes might be off course.
Emergency planning in New York will continue to involve careful consideration of LaGuardia Airport’s proximity to downtown New York.

… emergency, though, urban search and rescue, law enforcement, medical assistance and government will have to operate in completely different contexts. That is why the emergency planners in New York have come up with several contingency plans for each type of emergency.
Will martial law have to be declared? That is one of the most important questions in emergency management. At what point are our court systems rendered …

… city government has listed those possibilities: severe weather, urban fires, transportation accidents, special events – demonstrations, urban floods, utility and power failures, hurricanes, radiological and HAZMAT incidents, terrorism, civil disorders, water supply failures, critical resource shortages, explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes.
The challenge for emergency planners is to take that list and develop coherent plans to respond to each disaster, that can be modified as time progresses and as …

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