Air Travel Essay Sample

Air Travel Essay Sample

… concerns to achieve their goal of delivering satisfactory travel services to their customers.

After the September 11 attack in a U.S. airline 2 years ago, the most important concern to airline management these days is the security and safety of air travelers. Apparently, due to the threat of air traveling that the September 11 attack has brought to people, there has been a significant decrease in the volume of air passengers. Airline managements have focused on the aspect of establishing and implementing stringent aviation security measures as an action to security concern. This has been a component necessary in …

… that will strengthen the financial structure of airline industry is one of the concentrations airline managements deal with. Management strategies are continually being updated in the course of airline financial crisis.

One of the approach taken by airline managements is the development of marketing strategies that will increase air travel demands particularly business travel. Aside from the actions airline managements are taking in assuring the security and safety of travelers, they are developing techniques that will attract passengers in air traveling. This includes the introduction of new agency programs, and the enhancement of air travel services and facilities. E-business …

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