Airline Government Transportation Regulation Essay

Airline Government Transportation Regulation Essay

… the year 1938 followed this. The CAA was assigned the responsibility of introducing financial stability to the US Air industry through setting up of airline routes, fares, and safety standards. The CAA also formed the Air Safety Board to oversee investigations into air accidents. Though the CAA was truly an …

… of the responsibilities now controlled and operated by the FAA. The FAA thus took over the entire US air traffic control system including the regulation of flight safety issues. The FAA together with CAA continued to oversee the matters of air traffic and air cargo issues, until well into the …

… larger common carriers, which cannot cover the smaller destinations.

Since the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) is a contingency measure initiated by the federal government in times of emergencies, it remains purely optional to include and commit aircraft for this program. As a freight operator, it would indeed be an …

… and engine and Noise factors)
6. Procedures and Performance Standards
7. Varied Tariff Structures
8. Inter-Professional Communications
9. Bookings and Tracking
10. Intermodal Transportation

From the above listed key issues, the one issue that virtually tops the list is that of terrorism. For it is terrorism that threatens the …

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