Alcoholism Research Paper Essay Sample

Alcoholism Research Paper Essay Sample

… never-married men vs. never married women, and separated men vs. separated women. Most studies suggest that divorced men and women are more likely to drink than married men and women, so this paper will concentrate on the statistics of divorcees regarding alcohol consumption.

This paper is organized in the following sequence. First the literature review will describe previous studies in this area, organizing the data to …

… to 24 per cent), but the opposite was true for women (9 percent compared with 13 percent drank more than 14 units weekly.
These studies present a clear and explicit need for additional research on the relationship between marital status and drinking. Many of the existing studies have concentrated on the subject strictly regarding women. Others have presented results that are out of line with previous studies. …

… a definite need for a study that concentrates on the effect of divorce on drinking for both men and women.

Based on my research, I plan to test the following core hypothesis: Alcoholism and heavy drinking are more prevalent among divorced individuals (independent variable) than among those who have never been divorced (dependent variable). However, it is important to note that gender plays a large role …

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