Alexander The Great Genius Or Madman Essay Example

Alexander The Great Genius Or Madman Essay Example

… , Alexander The Great influenced the western civilization the most; more so positively than negatively. Hence our research paper will revolve around the following thesis statement: Alexander the Great had the greatest impact on Western civilization be it economically, socially or politically. This daring political figure proved to be the role model for the entire national culture.
The legendary title of Alexander the Great became popular only because the king, Alexander III, the son of Philip II did wonders to culturally reform his nation rather than solely resting his concentration on the militaristic accomplishments alone, unlike his predecessors. Before Alexander the …

… the monarchs failed to strike a balance between the luxuries of the elite and the hardships of the destitute lot, poverty was the clear outcome.
However, one of the most noteworthy contributions by Alexander the Great is related to the field of education. Having studied by and being the genius student of one of the greatest philosophers, Aristotle, Alexander the Great motivated his successors as well as his people to promote education and enlighten their generations with the same. “This advocacy of education yielded diverse results” (p. 101). Some literary figures spent quality time in producing pieces of criticism. However …

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