Alfred Adler S Home Essay Example

Alfred Adler S Home Essay Example

… Her siblings were not visiting their mother, as they too were distant from her. They said they had not heard about their father, either, and simply guessed he must have returned to his home country or loafing somewhere. As for them, they were coping with their own problems with their families, living in other States. But not without the same traumas of an unhappy childhood as the …

… the refusal of her boyfriend to marry her, her abortion, and her boyfriend’s insults that she looked like a hag all contrived to convince her that she was undesirable and worthless.
2. Alfred Adler held that the striving for perfection was the single motivation behind our behavior and experience. It was the inherent desire to achieve our potential. He also believed that compensation was another basic …

… the maladaptive trait in each stage needs to be incorporated into a small degree to produce a sense of balance.
A final aspect of development I consider to be important is birth order. Adler theorized that one’s order of birth affected personality development (Schults, 1994). Some examples of this can be seen in following scenarios. Firstborns go through loss of parental attention when a second child …

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