Alfred Hitchcock S Theme Song Essay

Alfred Hitchcock S Theme Song Essay

… with what they see in cinemas. Family melodramas of 1950s included The Searchers (1956) – the plot revolved around issues of family reunification. Stories of Alfred Hitchcock which were mainly detective and suspense, also continued to show romantic couples having nuclear families. Movies, The Wrong Man (1956) and The Man Who …

… to increase at a rate never seen before.

Effects of liberalism & Freud

When the ‘family union’ was replaced with ‘independent family members’ as main theme of the films in 1950s, Hollywood was also sensitive (and adherent) to the other social changes budding in that post-war society (Rafter 2000). Apprehensive …

… twisted characters, morally questionable themes and psychoanalyzing both the hero and the villain became widespread along with depiction of crime in films (Rafter, 2000). Hitchcock is seen as an important name to further the drift towards aberration and Freudian psychology.

Espionage, Communism & Western

By the mid 50s, hardcore crime films …

… as planned and was ultimately dropped for further experimentation. According to Cook, the scenario gave an unrealistic looks as a character (would) burst into song at the slightest dramatic provocation (p.510).

As the television was gaining popularity, some film makers found it as an opportunity to capture home-audience …

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