Annotated Bibliographies Reality Televis Essay

Annotated Bibliographies Reality Televis Essay

… this leads to students’ failure.
I have selected an on-line article, ““Critical Language Awareness” because it is a good follow-up to Bizzell’s work regarding how social constructs shape language. It adds to the discussion by elaborating on how the use and comprehension of language shape our reality.
“Teachers as Writers and Students as Writers: Writing, Publishing, and Monday-Morning Agendas, “ suggests a team like approach to the development of writing and writers in the classroom. Here Joseph Eng writes about approaches to teaching writing where teachers and students work together on written pieces so that the students …

… that the exercises he uses, like putting groups of given sentences into the right order so as to form a coherent paragraph, can be beneficial to second language learners, particularly those who are slow learners.
Let me know if you have other journal articles or books that may beneficial.
Annotated Bibliography:
Berlin, James A. “Post structuralism, Cultural Studies, and the Composition Classroom: Postmodern Theory in Practice.” Rhetoric Review 11.1 (1992): 16-33.
Berlin reveals the complexity connected to language and understanding what a student reads. With the help of postmodernism Berlin believes he has been able to decipher complex …

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