Anorexia And Bulimia In Teenage Girls Essay Sample

Anorexia And Bulimia In Teenage Girls Essay Sample

… affected problem with self-esteem. Eating disorders have effect on women of all ages and of all socio-economic groups and are not, which are restricted to the young women of middle and upper class western society. (Posavac, 1998) But in comparison it is the teenagers who are the most affected as a result of the media influences. The influence of the media greatly influences teenage girls in their sense of dressing, their images of an ideal body and on how to look. It is the fashion magazines and the models and stars on Television, which greatly influence the teenagers …

… disorder would include heart troubles namely death due to heart failure as a result of bradycardia or slow heart rate, and from kidney failure, caused by severe dehydration and low blood pressure. (Aguinaldo, 1993)
Recently scientists have now found out that people with bulimia which denotes binge eating followed by vomiting or over exercising, and anorexia, which follow a s a result of eating disorders seem to have serotonin, a brain chemical which is associated with changes in moods and emotions, circulating in their brains in reduced quantities than is required. The absence of serotonin in required quantities is also …

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