Anthropology And Colonialization Essay Example

Anthropology And Colonialization Essay Example

… – are so very different, she also acknowledges that anthropological models and ethnographic paradigms remain incomplete and often incoherent.
Li makes a convincing case why a “science” of culture should call so tantalizingly to us, allowing us to pretend that it is merely a matter of freeing ourselves of ethnocentrism and producing concepts and other elements that were universal, objective, and theoretically significant. And yet, with her insistence that all of Indonesian society must be considered from the perspective not only of the pragmatic but of the symbolic and even the mystical, she suggests that any attempt for anthropology to wear …

… serious by its primary aim to permit cross-cultural comparability.
But this should not discourage us, only challenge us, Li argues. And it is true that anthropologists who study Indonesia seem to have been particularly adept at such challenges: Scholars like Geertz (with his brave new techniques of symbolic anthropology) offered to anthropologists a way in which statements could be crafted that were as meaningful for a specific society as they were for cross-cultural research.
For Geertz, as seemingly also for Li, the function of culture is to impose meaning on the world and make it understandable. The role …

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