Anti Violence Poems Essay Example

Anti Violence Poems Essay Example

… the other.
These factors also caused increasing instances of contact with the gadje, often with violent results. Fonseca writes that the nature of anti-Roma sentiment is no longer rooted in the Gypsy’s behavior, but in their very existence. “Despite a long-settled, well-integrated population of about seventy thousand German Gypsies, by appearance alone these recent arrivals have become emblematic of the unassimilable foreigner.”
The loss of the nomadic lifestyle and the increasing violence have caused important changes within the Roma tribes themselves. More and more, the younger generation of Roma are speaking out about their people’s …

… , the younger generation of Roma are speaking out about their people’s experience.
This change is best illustrated in the juxtaposition of the stories of two Roma leaders towards the end of the book. First, Fonseca tells the story of Papusza, a gifted Gypsy singer who sang and told poems of a time when Gypsies will stop wandering and begin to interact more with the gadje. Because of this, Papusza was expelled from the tribe.
Today, however, gypsy activist Nicolae Gheorghe is presenting the Roma plight in human rights conferences around the world, attempting to build a transnational political base …

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