Antic To Victorian Tragedy Jude The Obscure Essay Sample

Antic To Victorian Tragedy Jude The Obscure Essay Sample

… began writing poetry and by the time he entered Cambridge in 1827, his poetry was appearing in print.
At Cambridge, he made friends with the writers Fitzgerald and Thackeray, as well as Arthur Henry Hallam. Arthur introduced him to Emily Sellwood, who became his lifelong love. Arthur then became engaged …

… and critics who werent used to such unheroic whining from an epic hero.
“The Times attacked the poem as being much too long, obscure and difficult, while one critic declared it must have come from the full heart of the widow of a military man. The Dublin University Magazine …

… sorrow’d most,
’Tis better to have loved and lost,
Than never to have loved at all–”
For now he doesnt bemoan the tragedy but looks at it as something that has added richness to his life, taught him to appreciate god who is the god of change, until …

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