Anton Chekhov The Kiss Theme Essay Sample Essay Example

Anton Chekhov The Kiss Theme Essay Sample Essay Example

… “The Bear” by Chekhov

“The Bear” by Anton Chekhov is a sweet, inspiring and humorous play. The play demonstrates the nature of human relationships, and how close anger and love are in a relationship between a man and a woman.
I particularly enjoyed the scene where Popova is rudely interrupted in her mourning of seven months, when Smirnov arrives demanding the money that her husband owes him. In an angry discussion of the matter, both man and woman make judgmental statements about each other’s gender. Popova is of the opinion that men are rude and inconstant, while Smirnov …

… to engage in a duel. This is often typical of the ambiguous and confusing relationships that we embark upon as men and women.
The play therefore strikes me as both bizarre and triumphant. The audience comes away with a sense of upliftment. Human nature is passionate, bizarre and wonderful. “The Bear” is a celebration of this.

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