Antonio Vivaldi Spring Analysis Essay

Antonio Vivaldi Spring Analysis Essay

… for sex, age and socio-economic status. Using scaled questionnaires, she looked at several dimensions at once including family and peer relations, self-esteem, depression, and tendency to risk-taking tendencies.
Chi-square analysis showed over-representation by Caucasian children in the gifted category and under-representation by African-Americans and Hispanics. Gifted students were more likely to have parents with advanced degrees. More gifted than non- …

… intervention efforts should work hard to improve the self-esteem of Hispanic youth at risk for substance abuse to provide a “protective factor” to avoid the beginning of substance abuse.

Gonzelez-Pienda, Julio Antonio. 2002. “A structural equation model of parental involvement, motivational and aptitudinal characteristics, and academic achievement.” Journal of Experimental Education, April.

The authors tested a model that demonstrates the influence of parental involvement on …

… sometimes contradict with each other, making the measurement of self-esteem in teen girls a complex problem.

Royse, David. 1998. “Scouting and Girl Scout curriculum as interventions: effects on adolescents self-esteem.” Adolescence, Spring.

The author looks at why some children and teens develop good self-esteem while others grow up to perceive themselves as inferior and inadequate when they compare themselves to others. Girl Scout outreach …

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